Open Source at Artifacia

Open source is everywhere. Programmers around the world prefer Linux for developing software, cloud platforms are all reliant on Linux distros, Android is powering smartphone and IoT devices and so on. In fact, the unprecedented growth we are seeing in AI is partly thanks to some open-source libraries such as Theano and Torch and their different variations which have made getting started with Deep Learning fairly easy. Same goes for tools in big data, analytics and other software categories. Open source software and the vibrant community around it have played an important role in how modern software is built by teams and organizations.

All this thing is possible because developers are willing to share some of their learning and tools with others with the hope that more people can benefit from their tools, and also help in improving them. We at Artifacia have learned a lot from the developer community and got a lot of help whenever needed from different platforms such as StackOverflow and GitHub. We think it’s time for us to give back to the community in whatever way we can. We want people to make use of the tools we have found to be useful for our own needs and contribute to them to make them even better.

Open source is very close to our heart. We are looking to share some of our ML and engineering tools and libraries with the community going forward. We've not done it before and so we will make some mistakes but that's how we all learn and progress. Looking forward to becoming a bigger part of the vibrant open source community.